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  1. Introduction

Ruby is red color variety of the mineral corundum, aluminium oxide (Al2o3). The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means “red.”. Red signifies love, passion, wealth and success. so From ancient times ruby was always a prized possession of kings and wealthy.

It has great historical significance also. We can find mention of ruby in veda, bible and various ancient scriptures. Indians used to consider ruby as the greatest of all gemstones.

A precious gemstone with exceptional beauty. From pure red to pinkish red, ruby has different shades. Most beautiful is pigeon blood red and sunset red rubies.

Pigion blood colour- intense red colour with a hint of blue.

Sunset red color- intense red colour

Internal inclusions are very common in rubies. A clean ruby is very rare. Different treatments are done on rubies to enhance it’s beauty. The oldest of them is heat treatment. Only heat treated ruby is globally accepted today.

In today’s word, ruby is very much in demand. Millionaires and billionaires often consider ruby in engagement rings. A good quality Burma ruby is rare than a good quality diamond.

  • Who should wear ruby by astrology?

According to Indian Vedic astrology, ruby is the gemstone of planet sun. wearing Ruby is beneficial for those who has

simha lagna (leo ascendant)

simha rashi

ravi is rajyoga karaka

sun dasha

who has sun debilitated in their birth chart.

According to palmistry

Whose sun line is not at all present

Sun line is present but weak

Has inauspicious markings on mount of sun

Mount of sun is depressed

According to western astrology, people who have born between July 20th to august 20th, will have the sun sign leo. Ruby is beneficial for them.

  • How ruby be worn (metal/finger/day/etc.)

Ruby is worn in right hand. It may be worn as a ring or a collet in forearm. Gold is the metal of planet sun. alternatively, silver can be used. Ruby can be worn on Sunday. Ring finger is best for wearing ruby. Surya puja is necessary.

  • Top 10 benefits of ruby
  1. Ruby is essential from people seeking government job. It gives them success in competitive examinations.
  2. Ruby gives aspiring actors, artists or businessman material success, fame and social recognition.
  3. Ruby saves a leader from harmful conspiracy
  4. Ruby improves immunity system of our body
  5. Ruby + pearl help recover from diabetes and eye infection
  6. Ruby is particularly helpful in heart problems and spondylosis.
  7. Ruby+ diamond give us energy and vitality.
  8. Ruby+ cat’s eye gives financial, social and political establishment
  9. Ruby+ emerald saves a high-ranking officer from office politics and job instability
  10. Ruby+cat’s eye+ yellow sapphire saves a very rich and established person from future loss and protects wealth.
  • Ruby side effects

If planet sun is already very strong in your birth chart and in your palm, wearing ruby without proper astrological guidance will bring health problems as spinal cord problems, pain from spondylosis etc.

  • ruby substitute stones for astrological benefits-

Often Indian low-quality ruby with asterism effect, which is called ‘star ruby is used as substitute for precious high-quality ruby. Star ruby is not a substitute because that is also ruby.

These are the most common substitute for ruby

I) spinel

ii) red tourmaline

iii) sunstone

iv) red zircon

  • How to tell if a ruby is real?

There is no test or trick that a common man can do at home which will test a ruby. The most common thing that I hear is doing a hardness test at home. But it can’t guarantee you that the ruby is natural.

According to Moh’s hardness scale, ruby has hardness 9. Diamond has hardness 10. So, diamond is the hardest thing on earth. It means ruby is the second hardest thing and it can scratch anything other than diamond. The test tells you to scratch a glass or porcelain with the red colored stone that you have and see who scratch who.

This is basically non conclusive because synthetic ruby has same chemical and physical properties as natural ruby. So don’t waste your time.

Only a trained and experienced gemologist can tell you and certify if a red colored stone is ruby or not.

Natural rubies have inclusions which tell us about their originality. The state of internal inclusions shows the treatment done to the stone. Inclusions also tell about the origin place of ruby. These inclusions are almost invisible to naked eye. The standard gemological standard is 10× magnification. An experienced gemologist will observe these inclusions and analyze them to know about the stone.

Common inclusions of Ruby are-

  1. Silk inclusion- Intersecting needles of the mineral rutile create a common ruby inclusion called silk.
  2. Fingerprint inclusion
  3. Angular, straight or hexagonal growth zoning or banding
  4. Straight, angular and possible color zoning and color banding
  5. Unaltered mineral inclusions, clear or opaque color, that might show angular faces
  6. Intact two-phase inclusions
  7. Boehmite needles

8. treatments of ruby

Ruby is often treated with different methods


molten glass,



diffused treatment


9. Ruby simulants– there are various gemstones which appears like ruby. People often get cheated with these gemstones. Most common ones available in markets are-

i) synthetic ruby

ii) red glass

iii) spinel

iv) red dyed quartz

v) red dyed fibrolite

vi) red tourmaline

10. ruby price list-

Here are average retail prices of ruby in India. Note that there is no fixed pricing system and these qualities are available in market. Price go high according to rarity and quality and has no highest price point.

  1. composite ruby (market name- Bangkok ruby)- ₹ 1,500/-  ₹ 3,500 per carat
  2. Madagascar ruby – ₹ 15,000 – ₹30,000 per carat
  3. Mozambique ruby – ₹17,000 – ₹ 35,000 per carat  
  4. Burmese ruby – ₹ 30,000 – ₹1,00,000 per carat

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